About Heartmind

Heartmind is a Trip Hop / Downtempo project by mastermind MadMan, funky drummer Dee, talented singer Jay and classical violinist Olisa.

Vienna, 2017. The world was ready for a new sound. What started out as a solo project soon became a dynamic musical dialog between four versatile musicians with a love for trippy flows, smooth basslines and persistent drums.

Their debut album "Rite Of Passage" was mastered by Fabian Wessely at the legendary Soundborn Studio in Vienna.

  • Manuel "MadMan" Beraha – Lead Producer, Bass, Guitar, Synthesizer, Editing & Mixing
  • David "Dee" Beraha – Drums, Percussion
  • Justyna "Jay" Konecka – Vocals, Lyrics
  • Robert Olisa Nzekwu – Violin